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Batman Mentored
Click here to see the order in which I completed the missions to level from 1 to 30.
Level 1 The Awakening
Level 3 Save the World
Fear Itself Story Line
Level 5 Panic Attack
Level 5 Panphobia
Level 5 Aversion Therapy
Level 5 Night Terrors
Level 5 One of Us
Level 5 Clinical Strike
Level 5 Fear Itself
Level 5 Heroic Grace
Brainiac Invasion Story Line
Level 5 Brainiac Invasion
Level 6 Attack Brainiac! Part 1
Level 7 Attack Brainiac! Part 2
Level 7 Attack Brainiac! Part 3
Level 7 Attack Brainiac! Part 4
The Demon Inside Story Line
Level 6 Demons On The Loose
Level 8 Raven Unleashed
Level 7 By The Horn
Level 8 Conversion Vortices
Level 7 Potion Number 9.1
Level 8 Raven Bound
Level 7 Bye Bye Succubi
Level 8 The Demon Inside
Level 9 Police Science
Level 8 Trigon Loosed
The Hornet's Nest Story Line
Level 6 Something's Abuzz
Level 8 Pest Control
Level 8 That Stings!
Level 8 Buzz Kill
Level 8 Bee Aggressive
Level 8 Hold The Line
Level 8 The Hornet's Nest
Level 8 Justice For All
Level 7 The HIVE - Smashed!
Gotham's Bane Story Line
Level 8 Out In The Streets
Level 8 Mainliner
Level 8 House Of Venom
Level 8 Intent To Sell
Level 8 Detoxic Avenger
Level 8 O'Brien's Vendetta
Level 8 Gotham's Bane
Level 8 Lighthouse Cleanup
Level 9 Bane Brought Down
Psychosomatic Illness Story Line
Level 12 Protect And Serve
Level 12 Meta Malpractice
Level 13 Losing Inhibitions
Level 13 Medical Misinformation
Level 12 Communication Breakdown
Level 12 Unstable Technology
Level 12 Psychosomatic Illness
Level 13 No Metahuman Left Behind
Level 12 Duty Never Done
Giganta Girl Story Line
Level 12 The World Of Tomorrow
Level 12 Beastiamorph Havoc
Level 10 Nectar Of The Gods
Level 12 The Search For Wonder Girl
Level 12 Destroy The Barrier
Level 10 A Shard Of Hope
Level 12 Giganta Girl
Level 10 Mirror Mirror...
Level 10 Fallen Comrades
Level 12 The Bigger They Are...
Lunatic Fringe Story Line
Level 13 Gordon Wants A Word
Level 13 Laugh Riot
Level 13 Rollercoaster Of Doom!
Level 13 Toxic Trials And Tribulations
Level 13 Beware Of Jokers Bearing Gifts
Level 13 Lunatic Fringe
Level 13 Cops Behind Bars
Level 13 What's In The Box?
Level 13 Chat With The Commish
The Root Of Evil Story Line
Level 17 Floral Affliction
Level 17 Lethal Pod-Cast
Level 17 Biotic Armor Research
Level 17 Garden Of Eat Em!
Level 17 A Twisted Web
Level 17 Weeds Of Oblivion
Level 12 Seeds Of Change
Trigon's Blood Story Line
Level 17 Five Deadly Sins
Level 17 Greed
Level 16 Cough Up The Cash
Level 17 Gluttony
Level 16 Fresh Meat
Level 17 Wrath
Level 17 Citizen Collection
Story Line
Level 21 No Joke
Level 21 The First Clue
Game Information
Official SOE DCUO website. PC version of the game can be downloaded here for free.
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