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Exploration Adventures
Level Mission Start Location

1 Metropolis's Chinatown Neighborhood! Metropolis Chinatown PD
4 The Queensland Boardwalk In Metropolis! Metropolis Little Bohemia PD
4 Metropolis University! Metropolis Little Bohemia PD
4 Wayne Legacy in Gotham's East End! Gotham East End PD
6 The Metropolis Metrodome! Metropolis Little Bohemia PD
6 Metropolis General Hospital! Metropolis Little Bohemia PD
7 Gotham's Waterfront! Gotham East End PD
9 Metropolis Science Police HQ! Metropolis Chinatown PD
9 Metropolis Metro Station! Metropolis Chinatown PD
12 Gotham's Amusement Mile! Gotham East End PD
12 Metropolis's Centennial Park! Metropolis Midtown PD
15 Gotham's Giordano Gardens! Gotham East End PD
19 Metropolis's Suicide Slums! Metropolis Chinatown PD
20 Metropolis's Historic District! Metropolis Midtown PD
Game Information
Official SOE DCUO website. PC version of the game can be downloaded here for free.
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