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Fear Itself

Level: 5

Required CR: none

Required DLC: none

Start Area: none

Mission Giver: Automatic after finishing Clinical Strike

Story: Take out Scarecrow in his sewer lair, and rescue Batwoman from her nightmares.


1) Help Batwoman defeat and arrest Scarecrow

Cash: 38



Follow the waypoint to the Gotham Sewer entrance and enter.

Inside the sewers, you will find many Hallucinations. Attack them and they will either evaporate if they are nothing but a hallucination. Or they will be revealed as a Scarecrow Henchman.

You will need to carry 3 barrels of the Scarecrow's fear gas to a safe zone at the beginning of the sewers. You will need to use 'E' on each barrel after you place them in the circle.

After you have placed all 3 of the barrels, you will need to beat the Scarecrow's experiments - Edward and Eddie. Boy, they are ugly! Knock them both around!

The Scarecrow has Batwoman dowsed with fear gas! You need to help her defeat Scarecrow and get her out of the sewer!

The Scarecrow fight has 5 parts and the first 4 are random. One part has a hallucination of a giant Scarecrow shooting at you with a machine gun.

Another part, he has another giant hallucination of himself striking you with lightning.

Scarecrow will send hallucinations of Killer Croc to attack you. Knock them all out and use 'E' on each one, or they will get back up again. There is also a feat attached to this part if you finish this part without any Killer Croc's getting back up.

He will also send hallucinations after you that look like members of the Bat family.

The final part, the Scarecrow and his henchmen will try to wipe you and Batwoman out. Stuff this Scarecrow and his henchmen!

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