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Fun for Girls and Boys

Level: 30

Required CR: none

Required DLC: none

Start Area: Watchtower / Hall of Doom

Mission Giver: Kiosk

Story: Toyman's attempt to break into Stryker's is more than just fun and games. Restore power to Stryker's defenses and send Toyman's toys to the trash bin.


1) Locate Stryker's Island North Prison Yard

2) Use the Charging Stations to keep the Power Core charged while transporting it to the top of the Penitentiary to restore power

3) Find and grab hold of the Power Cores that keep Stryker's generators running

Reward: 1 Marks of Triumph

Cash: 125


Follow the waypoint to Stryker's Island Penitentiary. Locate the Power Cores.

You will need to pick up a Power Core and follow the obstacle course up to the top of Stryker's to place the Power Core.

Avoid the obstacles by running around or jumping over them.

Once you reach the top, stand in the final circle and you are finished! Finally!

Do not be surprised if it takes you as much as an hour to finish this the first couple of times. But once you have it memorized, it only takes about 5 minutes tops.

Huge Tip: If you are playing with a mouse and keyboard, I suggest remapping your jump key to the right arrow and use the arrow keys to move around.