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Night Terrors

Level: 5

Required CR: none

Required DLC: none

Start Area: none

Mission Giver: Automatic after finishing Panphobia

Story: Aid Hazmat workers in the East End and confiscate Scarecrow's fear gas supply.


1) Travel to the Supply Depot in the Malone Improvement District

2) Defeat Scarecrow's Henchmen (0/15)

3) Protect Hazmat Officers and transport their Sealed Fear Gas Barrels to Safe Zone (0/5)

Cash: 38



Go to the designated area and find the Scarecrow Henchmen. You will be under the influence of Scarecrow's gas and the henchmen will look like Hallucinations to you.

Knock the Hallucinations around a couple of times and they will reveal themselves as either a Scarecrow Henchmen or a Hazmat Worker. The Henchmen will be Sleepers and Shriekers. Defeat 15 of them.

Next, you will need to find the Hazmat Workers that have barrels of Fear Gas.

Stand next the Hazmat Worker and press 'E'. He will ask you to protect him and then take the barrel back. Some Hallucinations will pop up, defeat them. Sometimes a really tall Hallucination named a Tormentor will also pop up. Defeat him too.

After the Hallucinations are defeated, stand next to the barrel and press 'E' to lift it up.

Now, carry the barrel back to the return point.