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Once More With Rockets!

Level: 30

Required CR: none

Required DLC: none

Start Area: Watchtower / Hall of Doom

Mission Giver: Kiosk

Story: Toyman's newest toy experiments are definitely unsafe for all ages. Time to break their warranty.


1) Locate the Front Gates of Stryker's Island Penitentiary

2) Pilot Radical Rocket Randy and take out Toyman's Air Rocket Squad forces (0/20)

3) Its toy time when you hijack Toyman's Radical Rocket Randy from atop Stryker's aerial defense platforms

4) Use Stryker's Launch Pads to Reach Toyman's Aerial Forces

Reward: 1 Marks of Triumph

Cash: 125


Follow the waypoint to Stryker's Island Penitentiary. Stand on a launch pad and it will send you up.

Then you will need to land on each higher up launch pad until you reach the platform on the top

Once you reach the top platform, 'E' Radical Rocket Randy to become a toy Radical Rocket Randy yourself.

Now you need to shoot down 20 of Toyman's toys. Use your eyebeams by pressing your ranged attack button. You may need to use Power '1' to get the eyebeams started, it is a bit buggy.

Use Power '2' to heal yourself and Power '3' to switch back to your normal self when finished.