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Panic Attack

Level: 5

Required CR: none

Required DLC: none

Start Area: Gotham East End PD

Mission Giver: Sargeant Doak

Story: Stop Scarecrow's gang from setting up Fear Gas foggers.


1) Travel to Abandoned Construction in East End

2) Defeat Screamers (0/15)

3) Collect Fear Gas Activators from Screamers (0/25)


Reward: Cyber-enhanced gauntlets
Slot: Hands
Style: Antifreeze
Defense: 35
Health: 26
Precision: 5
Might: 3
Item Level: 4


Leave the Safe House and follow the waypoint to the Abandoned Construction area. Defeat 15 Screamers. As you defeat them, ? marks will pop out as loot. These are the Fear Gas Activators that you need to collect. You need to collect 25 of them.