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Level: 5

Required CR: none

Required DLC: none

Start Area: none

Mission Giver: Automatic after finishing Panic Attack

Story: Take out Scarecrow's Henchmen as they spread fear gas and terror across the East End.


1) Reach the crime scene in East End

2) Find Hazmat Officer in the Bowery

3) Defeat Scarecrow's Gang (0/20)

4) Destroy Fear Gas Foggers (0/7)

5) Secure and Protect Civilians Until Hazmat Arrives (0/5)

Cash: 38

Reward: Riveted Plaxiderm Belt
Slot: Waist
Style: Antifreeze
Defense: 32
Health: 18
Power: 8
Precision: 2
Might: 8
Item Level: 4


You will be updated with this mission. Travel to the waypoint and you will be told to talk to the Hazmat Officer, who will give you the side mission Aversion Therapy

You will need to defeat 20 of the Scarecrow's Goons. There are Poisoners, Tormentors and Shriekers.

You will also need to destroy 7 Fear Gas Foggers. Just find them, beat up on the goons guarding them, then destroy them.

And you need to rescue 5 Hallucinating Victims. Stand next to them and 'E' them. A few Hallucinations will pop up, just defeat them.

After you defeat the Hallucinations, the Hazmat team will show up and help the civilian.