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Paradox Reapers

Level: 30

Required CR: 53

Required DLC: Lightning Strikes

Start Area: Central City

Mission Giver: Female Scientist

Story: The Paradox Reapers in the area can provide S.T.A.R. Labs with energy that might help them research a way to seal the ruptures.


1) Banish Paradox Reapers in the area South of the Flash Museum (0/10)

2) Return to the S.T.A.R. Labs Scientist with the harnessed energy so they can create a device to seal the ruptures

3) Use the S.T.A.R. Labs device to seal the smaller ruptures in the area (0/10)

Reward: 2 Marks of Momentum

Cash: 300


You will need to defeat the red Paradox Reapers and they will randomly drop a ? item to pick up. Collect 10 of these and return to the Female Scientist. She will then give you the second part of the mission, which is to seal 10 of the ruptures in front of the museum. To do that, just walk up to a rupture and 'E' it and it will seal. You may be required to defeat the reapers around the rupture before you seal it. Also, the red reapers found at the parking lots on either side of the museum count for the first part of the mission. It is best to do the Speed Trap mission first, then pick up what red Paradox Reapers you still need after.