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Signs Of The Great Ten

Reward: Hat Of The Deadly Brothers
Style: Straw
Slot: Head

Name Location

1) Tablet Of The Accomplished Perfect Physician Metropolis Chinatown
2) Tablet Of The August General In Iron Metropolis Chinatown
3) Tablet Of The Celestial Archer Metropolis Chinatown
4) Tablet Of The Ghost Fox Killer Metropolis Chinatown
5) Tablet Of The Immortal Man-Of-Darkness Metropolis Chinatown
6) Table Of The Mother Of Champions Metropolis Chinatown
7) Tablet Of The Seven Deadly Brothers Metropolis Chinatown
8) Tablet Of The Shaolin Robot Metropolis Chinatown
9) Table Of The Socialist Red Guardsman Metropolis Chinatown
10) Tablet Of The Thundermind Metropolis Chinatown
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