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Strait To Metropolis

Level: 5

Required CR: none

Required DLC: none

Start Area: Metropolis Little Bohemia

Mission Giver: Aquaman

Story: Ocean Master's Mutineer forces are advancing on Metropolis! Defeat his insurgent fleet in the strait north of Little Bohemia.


1) Disable Mutineer Frigates by destroying their generators (0/10)

2) Defeat the Mutineer Boarders that have boarded the Atlantean Frigates (0/15)


Reward: Sand Dollar x3


Speak to Aquaman and he will ask you to help the Atlanteans defeat the Mutineers.

He will ask you to defeat some of the Mutineers that have boarded the Atlantean Frigates. You need to defeat 15 of them.

You will also need to destroy 10 of the Generators on the Mutineer Frigates.

Turret Type 1: First you need to destroy a turret on the Frigate. It will leave behind a canister once destroyed.

You will then need pick up the canister by using 'E' on it, and then carry the canister to the Generator. After that, you will need to 'E' the Generator to destroy it. But watch out! You will be attacked while attempting this.

Turret Type 2: After you deactivate a turret, you will need to 'E' the turret. The Turret will then turn on the Generator and do damage to it. You will then need to use 'E' on the Generator to destroy it.

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