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The Awakening

Level: 1

Required CR: none

Required DLC: none

Start Area: Brainiac's Harvester Ship

Mission Giver: Automatic

Story: Fight free of Brainiac's Harvester ship by following Oracle's/Calculator's instructions.


1) Escape from Brainiac's Harvester ship

Reward: Mask of the Victor
Slot: Face
Style: Full Domino
Defense: 6
Health: 20
Item Level: 3

Cash: 25

Special Tip: Go to your Styles menu by pressing ESC and then clicking on the mask item at the bottom of your screen. Now click on the Lock All button, so your styles will not change as you equip new items. You can also change styles and colors from this menu. You can change the colors on an individual slot by clicking the on the little icon to the far right of the slot name. You can still only use the same three colors from your color pallete though.


First, you have to defeat Brainiac's Guards. There are 5 of these.

Next, you need to defeat the Overseer. Just pound on him for a bit and he will go down. You will most likely get stunned at least once. Do not worry, just press shift to break out and claim your first feat in the game. You should also receive a soder cola, which is used to heal yourself in game and a pair of gloves.

Slot: Hands
Style: Fourth World
Defense: 18
Item Level: 0

After defeating the Overseer Oracle/Calculator will tell you to go through the tube above the doorway. You should level up after you enter the tube and receive your first power point. Assign the point by pressing K. Also, there is a treasure chest inside the tube. Smash it for your rewards, another Soder Cola and a chest.

Slot: Chest
Style: Fourth World
Defense: 24
Item Level: 0

Keep going and destroying Brainiac's forces as you go. Eventually you will get to a Transport Tube. You will need to drop down this tube. But first, there is another Treasure Chest. Smas it and receive another Soder Cola and some boots.

Slot: Feet
Style: Fourth World
Defense: 16
Item Level: 0

You will come to a Console. Stand near it and press 'E' to examine it. Then move on to the next room.

Now, you are at the Junk Pile. Defeat the guards and then move on. If you are really lucky, you might meet Ambush Bug here and he will welcome you to the game. You should also level up again here and receive your second skill point. Press K to place this skill point.

Just keep on a movin' and a smashin'. Eventually you will go up against another Overseer and receive a belt

Slot: Waist
Style: Fourth World
Defense: 16
Item Level: 0

You will then come up to a room with a Ship Guardian. He will have 4 towers in the room. Smash the 4 towers and then you will fight the Guardian.

Special Tip: Just use your basic ranged attack and shoot all the droids and towers and you should be able to receive the consecutive hits feats for 25, 50, and 100.

After you defeat the Ship Guardian, Superman/Lex Luthor will warp into the room and help you defeat what is left of the ship's security. You will also receive a cape for defeating him.

Slot: Back
Style: Jah Kir
Defense: 22
Health: 44
Might: 5
Item Level: 1

After you finish defeating all the droids, 'E' Superman/Lex Luthor to talk to him. Then you will be told to transport off the ship. Walk to one of the teleporters and 'E' it. You will then receive a little movie to watch and be transported to your mentor's safe house. Go to the email kiosk, open your email and pick up your mask reward.