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Tides Of War


Strait To Metropolis


Atlantean Outpost


Item Cash Sand Dollars
Atlantean Throne - furniture   5
Atlantean Armoire - furniture   5
Atlantean Accent Table - furniture   5
Porthole - furniture 250 5
Atlantean Mantle - shoulders 250 5
Atlantean Gloves - hands 200 5
Atlantean Boots - feet 225 5
Atlantean Legguards - legs 275 8
Atlantean Breastplate - chest 300 8
Fisherman's Hat - head 250 5
Fisherman's Slicker - chest 300 6
Fisherman's Rubber Boots - feet 225 4
Slayer's Sunken Rune - trinket 500 10
Sentinel's Sunken Rune - trinket 500 10
Ritualist's Sunken Rune - trinket 500 10
Chanter's Sunken Rune - trinket 500 10

Other Loot

Item Obtained
Diving Helmet - head Ocean Master
Mysterious Atlantean Relic - trinket Ocean Master


Atlantean Artifacts

Reward: Atlantean Rebreather
Style: Atlantean Rebreather
Slot: Face

Name Location

Vestige of Trintonis Collection Nodes
Obsidian Age Ornament Ocean Master
Poseidonis Waystone Ocean Master
Atlantean Zodiac Coin Collection Nodes
Atlantean Royal Seal Collection Nodes

Marine Life Fossils

Reward: Snorkel
Style: Snorkel
Slot: Head

Name Location

Ammonite Collection Nodes
Murex Collection Nodes
Geoduck Collection Nodes
Nautiloid Ocean Master
Plesiosaur Bone Collection Nodes
Giant Pecten Collection Nodes
Limpet Ocean Master


Making Waves - **

Complete the feats Maritimed, Full Net, Under the Sea, Seafarer, Sea Dog, Current Fashion

Maritimed - *

Complete the Atlantean Outpost seasonal event in 4 minutes or less

Full Net - **

Defeat all Mutineers in the Atlantean Outpost before defeating Ocean Master

Under the Sea - *

Complete the Atlantean Outpost instance 10 times

Seafarer - **

Complete both Tides of War seasonal collections
Atlantean Artifacts
Marine Life Fossils

Sea Dog - *

Knock out 250 Mutineers in the strait north of Little Bohemia

Current Fashion - **

Collect all styles in the Atlantean Warsuit set
Head - Ocean Master loot
Chest - event vendor
Legs - event vendor
Hands - event vendor
Waist - Ocean Master loot
Feet - event vendor
Shoulders - event vendor

Game Information
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