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Vicki Vale Bylines

Reward: Bio-Vined Gloves
Slot: Hands

Name Location

1) Gazette Headline: Who Is The Batman? Gotham Burnley
2) Gazette Headline: Joker Escapes Arkham! Gotham Otisburg
3) Gazette Headline: Fear Of Scarecrow Grips City! Gotham Otisburg
Gotham Burnley
4) Gazette Headline: No-man's Land Ended! Gotham Otisburg
5) Gazette Headline: Gordon Named Commissioner! Gotham Burnley
6) Gazette Headline: Catwoman Crime Spree! Gotham Burnley
Gotham Otisburg
Game Information
Official SOE DCUO website. PC version of the game can be downloaded here for free.
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