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Can't Stop

Level: 30

Required CR: 53

Required DLC: Lightning Strikes

Start Area: Central City

Mission Giver: Flash

Story: The people of Central City have been affected by the rupture in the Speed Force. They can't stop running in hyper speed! Help them slow down before the energy burns them up.


1) The Flash can vibrate your molecules to tap into the ambient Speed Force: return to him if it wears off

2) Use your borrowed Speed Force energy to slow down the Civilians (0/8)

Reward: 2 Marks of Momentum

Cash: 300


You will be given hyper speed for a few minutes. The goal is to chase after the running civilians and absorb their speed force. There are six different civilians, 3 male and 3 female. The easiest one to chase after are the fat males that look like an out of work mall Santa. They are much larger than the others and are easier to find again after they turn around and run off in a different direction.

This could be the funnest mission in the game if it were not so frustrating. You will more than likely have to chase after at least twice the quota to get 8 of them. You will have them suddenly despawn, stolen by other players, finish but not receive credit and even have Flash steal them from you.