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Gotham Central

Reward: Detective's Trench Coat
Style: Detective
Slot: Chest

Name Location

1) GCPD File: Officer Jim Corrigan (KIA) Gotham East End
Gotham Burnley
2) GCPD File: Lieutenant Ron Probson Gotham East End
Gotham Burnley
3) GCPD File: Detective Harvey Bullock Gotham East End
4) GCPD File: Commissioner Michael Atkins Gotham East End
5) GCPD File: Dective Josephine Macdonald Gotham East End
6) GCPD File: Detective Crispus Allen (KIA) Gotham East End
7) GCPD File: Former Detective Renee Montoya Gotham East End
8) GCPD File: Detective Romy Chandler Gotham East End
9) GCPD File: Detective Marcus Driver Gotham East End
Game Information
Official SOE DCUO website. PC version of the game can be downloaded here for free.
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