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Name Location

Ace Chemicals Analysis Gotham
Against The Hive Metropolis
Amulets Of Memory Metropolis
Arkham Session Notes Gotham
Artifacts Of Themyscira Metropolis
Azarathian Sin Gems Metropolis
Confiscated Arcanum Metropolis
Corrections Officer's Report Metropolis
Crystalline Soul Fragments Metropolis
Enigmatic Puzzles Gotham
Falcone's Finest Gotham
Five-Clawed Treasures Gotham University Warehouse
Frozen Heart Gotham
Ghost In The Machine Gotham
Gorilla Bomb Components Metropolis
Gorillatech Schematics Metropolis
Legal Eagle Old Gotham Subway
LexCorp Cloning Records LexCorp Cloning Facility
LexCorp Genome Database Metropolis
Lunar Silver Metropolis
No Man Escapes Metropolis
Oaths Of Light Metropolis
Pernicious Pictures Gotham
Power Armor Integration Circuits Gotham
Ritual Canopic Jars Gotham
Rose By Any Other Name Gotham
Signs Of The Beast Metropolis
STAR Materials Handling Metropolis
The Atlantis Chronicles Metropolis
The Doctor Is In Metropolis
The Flame Of Change Codex The Gates Of Tartarus
The Precipice of Fear Gotham
Tools Of The Trade Global
Trigon Tainted Artifacts Metropolis
Twisting The Titans Gotham
Viva La Lucha Libre Gotham
Watchtower Holographic Tokens The Watchtower
World War III Remnants Kahndaq
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