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Level: 5

Required CR: none

Required DLC: none

Start Area: Metropolis Chinatown

Mission Giver: Magent Ardreus

Story: Aid Magent Ardreus in freeing his beloved from Faust's evil.


1) Find Madame Dea near Mannheim's Chinese Theater and defeat her.

2) Subdue Soulless and beckon their souls to return to the living (0/15)

Cash: 7

Reward: Soder Cola x2


Talk to Magent Ardreus in front of the Mannheim Chinese Theater.

He will ask you to help free his love Madame Dea by defeating her to break Faust's spell. Climb to the top of the theater and defeat her.

After you defeat her, you will need to help return the Soulless to the living. Defeat them and then use 'E' on them to bring them back from the undead. You will need to save 15 of them.