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Speed Trap

Level: 30

Required CR: 53

Required DLC: Lightning Strikes

Start Area: Central City

Mission Giver: Male Scientist

Story: Paradox Infiltrators harness and store large amounts of Speed Force energy. Slowing down and capturing them would allow S.T.A.R. Labs to better understand what's happening with the Speed Force.


1) Use the S.T.A.R. Labs Device to capture and transport Paradox Reaper Infiltrators (0/10)

2) Find Paradox Reapers on Either Side of Museum

Reward: 2 Marks of Momentum

Cash: 300


First, go to one of the parking lots on either the right or left side of the Museum. There are two types of Paradox Reapers, red and yellow. The yellow ones are the Paradox Reaper Infiltrators.

Beat them up, and you will be able to 'E' them, which will put them into a stasis bubble.

Then lift them up and carry them back to the circle.