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Clinical Strike

Level: 5

Required CR: none

Required DLC: none

Start Area: none

Mission Giver: Automatic after finishing Night Terrors

Story: Assist clinic doctors in treating fear gas victims and Hazmat workers scrubbing the air free of gas.


1) Travel to the Gotham free clinic

2) Speak to Detective Harvey Bullock

3) Assist Doctors in administering Fear Gas Antidote to civilians (0/10)

4) Protect Gotham Hazmat senior officers working to get rooftop air scrubbers operational (0/5)

5) Defeat Scarecrow's henchmen (0/20)

Cash: 38

Reward: Choice of weapon


Follow the waypoint to Harvey Bullock and 'E' him.

Find the Doctors and talk to them by using 'E'.

After you talk to the Doctor, civilians will be chased into the area by henchmen. Defeat the henchmen and then help the civilians by using 'E' on them.

After you have helped all of the Doctors and civilians, you will need to head up to the rooftops to help out the Hazmat team. There will be a Hazmat officer lying on the roof next to a Fear Gas air scrubber. There will also be two henchmen standing over top the poor guy. Defeat the henchmen and two more will join in. Defeat them too, then help the Hazmat officer by using 'E' on him.